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Our team is focused on Quality, Delivery and Service.

It is our Mission to provide our customers with unparalleled customer service, technical expertise and value, exceptional quality and on-time delivery with a kaleidoscope of product offerings supporting their Surface Mount Technology (SMT) & Semiconductor requirements.

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Your source for superior printing performance from an industry pioneer.

Our team has been designing custom SMT electronic assembly and semiconductor solutions since 1979 and is focused on these key customer performance measures:  Value, Quality, Delivery and Customer Service

StenTech's acquisition of Photo Stencil brings together the combined strength of two industry leaders.

Our partnership with StenTech has changed our values, our culture and our ability to deliver a broader range of industry solutions to our customers world-wide.

Located in Golden, Colorado

We are conveniently located in the CoorsTek Technology Park in a newly renovated twenty-five thousand foot facility located at 16080 Table Mountain Parkway, Suite 100 in the foothills of beautiful Golden, Colorado.

Do you have poor printing performance from your stencils?

Do you need to print in cavities?

Do you need to print different component sizes on one board?

Is your board too flexible?

Would tooling or fixtures improve your yield or throughput?

Not sure where the problem lies?